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As I develop my knowledge of nutrition I am hoping to write more about specific illnesses and conditions and how these can be treated naturally. This is what I have a real passion for and would love to help people in this way. Enabling people to live a healthier lifestyle without relying on medication for very treatable issues that can be solved by eating healthy, nutritious food and being more mindful of their choices.

Everyone has to start somewhere though, so to begin with I’m going to be looking at things on a broader spectrum and include a mixture of nutritional insight and of course delicious recipes!

The topic of vitamin deficiencies has been cropping up in conversation a lot recently and it’s shocking how common some deficiencies are and how much they can impact your health. When I think of deficiencies, the classic story of the sailors who got scurvy because they didn’t have enough vitamin C immediately pops into my mind . I know that we’ve learnt a lot since then but it’s mad how in this day and age we are still deficient in certain things despite everything we have access to. In the UK we have a brilliant healthcare system, so much choice in healthy food and drink in both supermarkets and also when you are out on the go but still people are suffering and may not even know they are lacking in something until it’s too late and considerable damage has been caused.

Deficiencies can be caused by a number of reasons such as having a poor diet, having dietary restrictions such as being coeliac, vegetarian or gluten/dairy free but it can also be linked to pregnancy and getting older. The most important thing to do is listen to your body and keep an eye on even the smallest of changes as they could very well be linked to something you aren’t getting enough of!

To delve into the nutrition side of the blog I have decided to do a sequence of posts focusing on the top 4 deficiencies;

  1. Vitamin B12
  2. Magnesium
  3. Zinc
  4. Vitamin D

I will be looking at how they occur, why they are important, their symptom’s and how they can be managed or treated in a naturopathic way. The first in the series will be Vitamin B12 which I will be posting about this week. If you want to keep in the loop and be updated whenever I post something new, you can follow me on twitter and instagram using the box’s on the right of the page!



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