I’m Rachel, a nutrition student based in Manchester with a passion for food, travelling, learning and spending time with my favourite people. I love going to gigs and festivals, exploring different countries and going out for dinner and drinks with friends. But equally I need a bit of balance, so when I’m not studying or doing the above I like to snuggle up and watch Netflix with my other half or going for a walk in the countryside 🙂

I’m currently studying for my MSc in Human Nutrition after which I will proudly be an Associate Registered Nutritionist! This has been a few years in the making, as after I decided to pursue my passion of nutrition I had to completely start from scratch by doing my A Level Biology before I could start a masters. I’ve been doing all of this alongside a full time job which was not the easiest thing to do, especially after 6 years of zero science!

I first started the blog when I got into healthy eating as I was fascinated with food and its health benefits but the more I learnt, the more I honed in on which foods were ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and I turned into a bit of a wellness snob. I started to fall into the common trap of clean eating and equating what I ate and how much I exercised to my self worth and those things should not be linked.

However since starting my masters I’ve had a huge change of direction, not only has it made me realise how little I really knew about nutrition (its a minefield and is not as black and white as people think!) but its also helped me to see that nutrition is not the be all and end all to achieving good health, there is so much more to it than diet and exercise. There are so many factors that influence health, many of which we have little to no control over (such as our genetics and the environment we live in) but the relationship you have with food can affect both your physical and mental health and is an area that can be worked on with the right tools and support… Intuitive Eating is one of them.

Intuitive Eating is something I came across in the middle of all my studying and I’ve been working through the principles during this time to improve my own relationship to food. It’s helped me to to take a step back from all the restrictive thinking and diet talk that naturally comes with learning about food and health to enable me to listen to my body and know what I really want and enjoy eating without having to think if that food could be made any healthier or if there is a better alternative I should eat.

Intuitive Eating is a framework I am hoping to incorporate into my practice once I am qualified and I look forward to sharing my knowledge of IE and other non diet principles with you, so if you’d like to follow along you can find me on InstagramTwitter!




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